The surprising connection between posture, confidence and happiness, and why girls need to take a cue.

Now, I know this post deviates from my usual content, but I think this is something that girls need to hear. So listen up ladies!

I want you to think back to the last self defense class you took. What was the first and often times, most important piece of advice they gave you? To walk like you own the place.


Tyra Banks style. (Don’t worry, you can do so in full clothing.)

Why is that? Well, it’s because when you walk with purpose which includes standing straight, you give out the vibe that you’re confident, happy and in control. Therefore, you’re not an easy target to any predator. But it’s not only about giving out that vibe to other people. When you stand up straight, your body is more open and you take up more room which unconsciously tells your mind that you are worth the space.

Just think about it. We spend so much of our day slumped over in a chair, inevitably working on something that really isn’t that important, all while jeopardizing our happiness. When you’re slumped in a chair, your body naturally feels more enclosed, small and overall less happy. According to Amy Cuddy  (check out her wildly interesting TED Talk here), when you change your position from one of shame (low power) to one of pride (high power), you are actually changing the hormones in your body. Testosterone, which is considered the power hormone, is released when you simply open yourself up and take up more space.

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It’s all in how you present yourself. 

Posture is one of those things that people ignore so often, but it can offer great insight to tapping further into someone. For example, I’m a shorty, and so when I tell people that I’m really only 5’2, they’re always surprised. It’s usually followed by, “but you don’t look like a short person.” What does that even mean? How does someone “look” short? What I think they are trying to get at is that I carry myself with pride and confidence. I take up the space around me, because I know I am worth it. I walk the streets as if they are a runway, because they are. They’re the runway of my life. Because of that, I look taller and my presence seems larger than it actually is… all because I stand up straight.

Just think about it. Why would you go around being slumped over, putting out negative energy to the world if you could walk around owning it?

As women, we tend to revert to these demure and restricted poses. We hide our bodies and don’t like the attention put on us, so we slouch to try and become less noticeable. It’s instinct and it’s hard to escape. But it’s important to recognize that standing tall is important because it affects the way others perceive you. Men are more likely to take up the space they know they deserve and I think it’s about time that women start doing the same.

The benefits much outweigh the costs. Increased posture leads to increased confidence, power and happiness (not to mention it’s great for your spine). So, walk heart forward, head up, confidently into the direction of your greatest dreams.

Make sure and keep this in mind while reading my next post. Predators don’t prey on those who look like they will give a fight. #confidence