Who am I, you might ask? After asking myself that question for many years, I can finally give you a genuine answer. My name is Liesey and I currently live in Washington, DC where I attend American University. I’m just a girl who seeks simplicity in life. Who has a passion to live with intention and do good. To see the world with curious eyes and an open heart. I’m a girl who doesn’t have a home, but who’s heart is stuck in many different places: Los Angeles, Portland (OR) and DC just to name a few. Attending concerts, eating, doing Barre3 and talking about sex (of course!) are among some of my favorite things to do, all within the company of the beautiful people in my life who add so much- whether they are my best friends or new acquaintances. I believe in living wholeheartedly, without the fear of being truly seen for who you are in all capacities. I believe in understanding that life has a funny way of working itself out. And most importantly, I believe in eating the cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also, mildly obsessed. Listen, and you will see. #letstalkaboutsex


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